The first leg of the Italian Cup knockout-stage was played on Wednesday at the Stadio Italia in Sorrento, and it is FC Sorrento that will take a 3-1 lead over Città di Nocera into the 2nd leg in a fortnight’s time.

Despite an early save from Russo, the game was even up until 20 minutes when Cappelluccio, who cleverly passed the ball out to the right wing, and onto De Rosa. De Rosa stabbed the ball across the penalty box towards Gargiulo, but it was left for the onrushing Vitale to crash the ball home to open the scoring for Sorrento.

From then on, Sorrento threatened to double their lead on several occasions, but it wasn’t until the second half and the 51st minute that the lead was eventually doubled. Robbed of the ball in the centre circle, the Nocera defence were left 3 on 2 as Gargiulo slotted the ball passed the hands of the goalkeeper to send the home supporters into rapture, capping a performance by Gargiulo that would have been suitable for framing.

The two goal cushion lasted only briefly, however, when Nocera halved their deficit with a nicely worked goal from Crisculo and Macucci. From this point onwards, the match saw a slew of replacements for both sets of players, but it was good work by de Rosa and Vitale that saw Scarpa attack the Nocera box from the right side, but with still plenty to do, Scarpa unleashed a terrificly placed shot to make it 3-1 to Sorrento in the 76th minute, to the delight of the home supporters.

Sorrento will take their 3-1 lead into the second leg, away at Nocera Inferiore, on Wednesday 14 October.