With goals by Vitale and Gargiulo, the derby of the Sorrentine Peninsula between Sorrento and Massa Lubrense was coloured in red and black.

The match was held on the synthetic surface of the “Cerulli”, which was made almost impassable by heavy rains that characterised the afternoon. In fact, the match was also suspended (for 20 minutes) from the seventh minute of the first half, due to the poor state of the pitch

Before the suspension, FC Sorrento were already dangerous by Vitale in the fifth minute, who managed to punish the opposition form the cross by Serrapica from the right wing.

To the astonishment of all, the referee decided to resume the contest, and it was certainly at the expense of the match: the first half ended 0-0, playing a sport that was distant relative of football. There were only two efforts of note, including one from distance by Italian-Brazilian Ronaldo Vanin who had poor luck and some great goalkeeping by Fiorentino on close-range header from Scarpa.

During the interval the intensity of the rain decreased and the wind assisted the water drainage so the second half was a different game entirely.

The FC Sorrento started handling with speed and after just six minutes along came another goal: Esposito passed to Gargiulo who crossed before going to the center where Vitale anticipated it and beat Fiorentino into the bottom corner.

The advantage disturbed the balance of play and destroyed the sand castle eleven of Mr. Cuomo, the protagonist of a tactic of the past and totally unproductive: the long ball to Lauro.

Massa did not trouble goalkeeper Russo, while the entry into the field of Fragiello (who replaced Vitale, knocked out in a collision with Fiorentino) gave further substance to the attack and liveliness of the guests.

Now the focus is on the Cup match on Wednesday afternoon in Nocera.